27 Adult Piggy Banks to Inspire Your Savings

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Piggy banks aren’t just for kids! Adult piggy banks (basically a kiddie piggy bank, but one you can proudly display in your home) are an excellent way to save up for a fun vacation or a big purchase. You could simply add your spare change to the bank, or have more intention and have a scheduled, larger push into your bank. Either way, you’re sure to save up money before you know it.

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Adult piggy banks

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I don’t know about you, but I have loose change all over the place. In the cup holders, in my wallet, on the counter, you name it.

This may not ring a bell if you mostly use your debit card to pay for things, but if you’re doing something like using cash envelopes to pay for everyday things like groceries, you are accumulating loose change FAST.

I’ve thought about using a piggy bank in the past, but I’m not a huge fan of the piggy banks for kids out there. I’d rather have something that’s decorative and goes with my main living area!

If you’re looking for something with a more adult feel, I’ve got ideas for you!

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27 Piggy Banks for Adults to Inspire Savings

1. Custom Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

This is a pretty and customizable piggy bank that you could proudly display in your living room. It’s especially nice if you like wooden pieces in your house (we do!). 

2. Volkswagen Bus Piggy Bank

If you’re a Volkswagen lover, this is something you should have on your shelf. 

This cute VW van has a slot in the back for your coins and dollar bills, plus you are able to open the bottom to release the money from your piggy bank.

3. Balloon Dog Piggy Bank

Okay, this is a darn cute adult piggy bank. 

Shaped like a balloon dog, this piggy bank has a slot on its back for coins and paper money, with a release on the belly of the dog.

The downside is that it is a bit smaller, so if you’re looking for something with a larger capacity, this may not be for you.

4. The Beatles White Album Ceramic Piggy Bank

If you’re a Beatles fan, this would look great on your shelf. 

The square shape of this adult piggy bank guarantees you can get the most out of your bank because there are no twists and turns for the money to maneuver.

It has a plug on the bottom to release the money as well.

5. Skull Decor Resin Head Sculpture Statue Piggy Bank

This is a great piece for lovers of ornate skulls around the house. There is a small hole in the top to fit your coins (the description says it can fit around 500 coins) and a plug at the bottom to release your money.

6. Large Glass Piggy Bank

Planning on saving up a lot of money over time? I’ve got you covered!

I love the look of this container, especially for farmhouse/rustic decor around the house. And with 1 gallon of filling capacity, you’ll be filling this coin bank for a long time!

If you’re a Coke fan, I’ve got another option here with a larger filling capacity.

7. Reed & Barton Mystic Sea Whale Piggy Bank

Here’s a bank for the nautical lovers. 

While it’s a little more on the expensive side, it is a nice piece that could last a long time!

8. Motorcycle Piggy Bank

Now, for my motorcycle enthusiasts. This bank looks more like a multipurpose bank because of its wide opening on top. Sort of looks like a cookie jar too!

If you’re prone to breaking into your piggy bank prematurely, this is not the coin bank for you because of its wide opening.

9. Harry Potter Hedwig Piggy Bank

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you! Hedwig here is a good size: around 8” tall, so it can hold a decent amount of coins.

10. Digital Coin Piggy Bank

This is the piggy bank that we have at home. Sure, it’s not something you would proudly display on your shelf, but it holds quite a bit (only coins). 

There is also a display on the top of the bank that shows how much money you have in your coin bank. Score!

This is also not one you want if you are prone to digging into your bank. You simply unscrew the top and you can remove your money.

11. Stainless Steel Piggy Bank

Here’s another no-nonsense option for saving your money. 

This piggy bank received a ton of great reviews! 


Two reasons: there are no little grooves for money to get stuck in with its cube design and you have to be DEDICATED to open this thing!

To open it, you will need a hammer to pry it open. 

So if you are prone to stealing from your piggy bank, this is the bank you need!

12. Clear Acrylic Piggy Bank

This is another no-nonsense adult piggy bank that received glowing reviews. 

It has a large capacity and you have to break it open to retrieve your money.

13. Clear Glass Piggy Bank with Lid

This piggy bank is nice if you enjoy the look of mason jars, since it looks very similar to one.

It is able to hold quite a bit, but is also very easy to get into. 

Many of the customer reviews show people decorating the clear glass, so that could put on a fun personalization!

14. Astronaut Piggy Bank

Are you a space enthusiast like myself? If so, this would be a great piggy bank for you!

It does not have a huge storage capacity, but it does have a plug on the bottom to release your money and start saving again.

15. White Ceramic Piggy Bank

Here’s another no-nonsense adult piggy bank that you can add your own personal touch to. 

The wide slot allows you to easily add bills and coins to your piggy bank. Plus, since you have to break it to open it, it’ll keep you honest when saving up!

16. Resin Pineapple Piggy Bank

How cute is this pineapple piggy bank? And it doesn’t look like a piggy bank unless you turn it around to see the slot, so it’s perfect for disguising it on your shelf.

There are also other colors available to get the customization you want.

In addition, there is a plug on the bottom to retrieve your money.

17. 365 Day Savings Plan Piggy Bank

If you’re a person who loves to check things off, this is perfect for you. 

You’re able to mark off each day you planned on saving something, as well as add your goals to it.

It’s a good size, so you’re able to save quite a bit. And speaking of: you can’t break into it without smashing it, so your savings are safe to grow!

18. Ceramic Bulldog Piggy Bank

This piggy bank isn’t large, but boy is it cute. This is definitely not a coin bank you want to use to save up for a trip or purchase, but it’s cute to hold your loose change from your wallet.

Plus, it has a stopper on the bottom, so you can empty your change and fill it back up.

19. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

This is for the person who wants their piggy bank to actually be a pig (and what a cute pig it is!).

It’s a good, medium-sized piggy bank that has a plug on the bottom to retrieve your money. And with over 7,000 5-star ratings, it’s a pretty popular bank!

20. Owl Metal Piggy Bank

I think this wire concept to a piggy bank is such a cute and different idea!

It is not very large, but it does have a plug on the bottom to empty and fill it back up.

21. Metal Vintage Piggy Bank

Here’s another take to the wire, metal piggy bank with an actual pig. Great piece for the industrial and rustic house!

22. Iron Cat Piggy Bank

Here’s yet another wire piggy bank, but more colorful and shaped like a cat for you cat lovers out there.

23. Rustic Wood Box Piggy Bank

I really like the intricate details of this wooden box piggy bank. It’s a little on the smaller size, but since it is a cube, it can still fit quite a bit of money.

If you have someone you trust, you could pass along the key to the lock (sold separately) to ensure you don’t steal from it.

24. Ceramic Pineapple with Gold Top Piggy Bank

This cute pineapple coin bank is on the smaller size, at about 5” tall. 

It has a nice, wide slot at the top to fit dollar bills and coins and a plug on the bottom to release your money.

25. Paladone Harry Potter Piggy Bank

One more shout-out to the Harry Potter fans reading this. I like this bank because it can blend into your bookshelf easily if you want to conceal it.

The money slot is on the top and the bank opens up just like a book would. 

26. Handmade Coconut Shell Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is the size of a coconut, so the storing capacity is not strong with this bank. However, like many of the other small piggy banks on this list, it has a plug on the bottom to release the money and start again with your savings.

27. Rustic Tin Piggy Bank

If you like a more industrial look, this is a good piggy bank for you. 

It’s made of tin and has a small slot on the top for all of your change. However, if you are prone to breaking into your piggy bank, this one is not for you! The lid opens up to easily remove your money.

Can adults use piggy banks? Or is it just for kids?

Adults can ABSOLUTELY use piggy banks! I know I do!

It’s a great way to keep all of your spare change and dollar bills in one place instead of letting them float around your wallet, drawers, and couch without a purpose. 

Speaking of purpose: piggy banks are an excellent way to save up for something like a vacation or a large purchase. It’s not just for kids who are saving up for a new skateboard: adult piggy banks are a great way to give purpose to your spare change.

Using a savings plan to fill your piggy bank

If you want to add a little oomph to your savings and not just use spare change, a savings plan would be a great way to add a plan for your piggy bank.

Whether you add a dollar a day or plan on taking out an extra $10 or $20 in cash when checking out at the grocery store to stash in your piggy bank, a plan on how much and when you’ll add to your bank helps you achieve the goal you set out to achieve.

If you want to add another punch to your savings, try a no-spend challenge! During a no-spend challenge, you are only spending money on your essentials (think mortgage/rent, food, utilities) and nothing else.

Any bit of money you save during a no-spend challenge can be poured into your piggy bank!

There are our 27 adult piggy bank ideas for saving up money!

I hope you use one of these adorable and functional adult piggy banks to save up money for something special! 

Have you had luck with saving using a piggy bank?

Coin banks aren't just for kids! Have you thought about using adult piggy banks to save for a vacation/purchase? We've got some great piggy bank options to achieve your goals!